Lot #252 | Mysterious Journey to Annapurna

by Sergey Melnikoff, a.k.a. MFF
The Great Himalayas, Nepal. 2010
Camera Fuji GX617 / 90mm Lens

● Size 70,9”x23,6” (180×60 cm) or As Per Your Request
● The ultraHD Photo Print Under 5 mm Thick Acrylic Glass
● Comes with a Wall Plaque of the Good Samaritan
● Free Worldwide Shipping in a Crate

Each MELNIKOFF artwork, which is available at our charity auction, maintaining its uniqueness and artistic value. By producing acrylic glass photographs at our production facility in Kyiv, we gives you the chance to own an exquisite work of art by one of the most well-known photographers in the world, as well as a historical memento created in Ukraine during the war.

MT REHABMake a donation, take part in the auction, or spread the word about this event to aid in our efforts to build a better future for Ukrainian children who have been greatly affected by the devastating collapse of houses. For additional details and to contribute towards the development of the remarkable Mother Terese Rehabilitation Center, please visit their website. Together, we have the power to create a significant and enduring change!


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Lot Essay

Mysterious Journey to Annapurna: A Captivating Panoramic Photography by Sergey Melnikoff, a.k.a. MFF

In the realm of photography, few mediums possess the power to transport viewers to distant, awe-inspiring landscapes quite like panoramic photography. One such masterpiece, “Mysterious Journey to Annapurna” by Sergey Melnikoff, a renowned panoramic photographer known as MFF, beckons us to embark on an enchanting visual expedition. This captivating photograph captures the mystical allure of the Great Himalayas, enveloped in morning fog, while showcasing a cascading waterfall on a small stream within the lush jungle. Through Melnikoff’s lens, we are invited to immerse ourselves in the grandeur of nature and experience the awe-inspiring beauty of this extraordinary region.

Melnikoff’s meticulous composition allows us to witness the grand scale of this breathtaking landscape, emphasizing the colossal magnitude of the Himalayas. The sheer power and unyielding presence of these mountains evoke a sense of awe and reverence within us.

Melnikoff’s astute sense of timing ensures that the interplay of light and fog creates a captivating ambiance, further enhancing the allure of the landscape. The dappled sunlight that filters through the trees casts an enchanting glow upon the forest, painting a picture of tranquility and serenity.

Nestled within this idyllic panorama is a cascading waterfall, cascading down a small stream that cuts through the dense jungle. This dynamic element introduces movement and life to the photograph, offering a refreshing contrast to the stoic mountains. The water, in its fluidity, symbolizes the unstoppable force of nature, flowing with unwavering determination. Its cascades create a melodious symphony, merging harmoniously with the gentle whispers of the forest, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of discovery.

“Mysterious Journey to Annapurna” not only showcases the natural beauty of the Great Himalayas but also invites viewers to immerse themselves in the serenity of the surroundings. Melnikoff’s panoramic approach enables us to be fully engulfed in the vastness of the landscape, allowing us to almost hear the rustling leaves and feel the cool mist on our skin. This immersive experience is an extraordinary gift bestowed upon us by panoramic photography, transporting us beyond our immediate surroundings and connecting us with the natural world.

Sergey Melnikoff, also known as MFF, has created an exceptional panoramic photograph entitled “Mysterious Journey to Annapurna.” This captivating work of art serves as a portal to a world of unparalleled beauty, inviting viewers to embark on an ethereal expedition through the Great Himalayas. Melnikoff’s careful composition, the interplay of light and fog, and the inclusion of the cascading waterfall all contribute to the mystical allure of the photograph. Through this masterpiece, we are reminded of the profound power and indescribable beauty of nature, and the transformative capacity of panoramic photography to transport us to extraordinary landscapes. “Mysterious Journey to Annapurna” is a testament to the artistry and skill of Sergey Melnikoff, encapsulating the essence of the captivating allure of the natural world.

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