The reproductions are printed and the photographs are produced on acrylic glass, and personalized commemorative plaques are all created within the borders of Ukraine. They are then shipped directly to the buyer from the country amidst the ongoing conflict. Kindly note that the delivery time for artwork you have purchased may take a little longer than usual and we appreciate your patience.

We have three warehouses where we store and collect artworks for our auctions. Our main stock of paintings is located in Albania, where we also manage our operations. In Ukraine, we collect paintings by Ukrainian artists, which are then forwarded to our Albanian warehouse. In the USA, we operate traveling exhibitions of children’s drawings.

When you purchase an artwork from us, we normally send it by mail on the next business day after we receive payment. If you pay by bank check (we are served by a bank in the United States), we will send your purchase once the payment is credited to our account. For small parcels, international air shipping can take 7-10 days, depending on the shipping origin and the delivery area. 

Regarding reproductions of children’s drawings offered through our charity online store We create reproductions of children’s paintings on high-quality art canvas. The printing of these reproductions is done in Kyiv and shipped directly to the customer via the state post of Ukraine. By purchasing these reproductions, you will not only own a beautiful work of art created by a Ukrainian child under difficult circumstances but also a meaningful souvenir from a country affected by conflict. However, delivery from Ukraine requires much more time, since during the war it is not possible to send parcels by airmail. For example, a parcel from any Ukrainian city to the auction’s warehouse in Albania takes up to 3 weeks.

Regarding photographic works by MELNIKOFF brand, please note that these works are produced in a single copy with a certificate of authenticity and a personalized plaque of appreciation for the auction winner. If you purchase a large-sized photograph in acrylic glass, please expect some additional time for its production in Kyiv. If there are no intense missile strikes, then the production of a single work in acrylic glass and its packaging takes up to 5 days. To ensure safe arrival, we ship the work in a crate. However, we assure you that the unique and high-quality work of contemporary photographic art you will receive is worth the wait.

It’s important to note that all proceeds from this auction will be directed towards the Rehabilitation Center named after Mother Teresa in Albania, which is run by the Soul of Ukraine Foundation, Inc., from Florida, and provides support to children from Ukraine who have lost limbs due to the bombing of Ukrainian cities by the Russian army.

As a token of appreciation, individuals who purchase auction items worth more than $1,500 will receive a personalized Good Samaritan wall plaque, at no additional cost. The plaque features a laser-engraved stainless steel plate covered in gold foil and affixed to a high-quality wooden board. Despite the challenging times when Russian missiles still rain down on residential buildings, the skilled artisans at Alpha Laser in Kharkiv, Ukraine keep persevered to create these exquisite plaques as a testament to their unwavering spirit and commitment to beauty in the face of adversity. Our donor will receive a personalized Good Samaritan wall plaque directly from the freedom-fighting city of Kharkiv.

If you have any further questions or concerns about shipping process, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you in any way we can.

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