Lot #121 | Water Carriers

Water Carriers by Sergey Melnikoff, a.k.a. MFF
Tibet. 1994
Camera Pentax 67-II / 300mm Lens

  • Size 23,6”x18,9” (60×48 cm)
  • Acrylic plasticization thickness 5 mm
  • Ready to hang | Ship in crate | Free shipping worldwide
  • This artwork comes with an Honorary Plaque
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  • We provide a tax deduction certificate as a 501(c)(3) charity

  • What is the quality of the photos taken by MFF with their unique cameras?
  • Each MELNIKOFF artwork, which is available at our charity auction, maintaining its uniqueness and artistic value. Every piece is a one-of-a-kind treasure, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity personally signed by the author.
  • By buying this artwork, you can make a meaningful contribution to the Mother Teresa Rehabilitation Center and help provide vital support to Ukrainian children who have lost limbs in the Russian-Ukrainian war.
  • By producing acrylic glass photographs at our production facility in Kyiv, we gives you the chance to own an exquisite work of art by one of the most well-known photographers in the world, as well as a historical memento created in Ukraine during the war.
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Lot Essay

Introducing the stunning and mysterious photograph, “Water Carriers” by Sergey Melnikoff, aka MFF. This remarkable work captures a moment in time in Tibet that is both rare and captivating. Taken in the 90s, when the area was closed off to foreigners, this photograph is a true testament to the photographer’s skill and tenacity.

The two young women in national Tibetan clothing are carrying water from the river in metal flasks, showcasing the everyday tasks and traditional clothing of the region. The intricate and beautiful decorations on their hands and clothes are a testament to the rich and diverse culture of Tibet, and make this work a must-see for any ethnographer or connoisseur of the portrait genre.

But what makes “Water Carriers” truly unique is the mystery that surrounds its creation. How did Melnikoff manage to travel around Tibet with professional photographic equipment, undetected by the authorities? This adds an extra layer of intrigue to an already captivating photograph.

“Water Carriers” is not just a photograph, but a work of art that captures a moment in time that may never be seen again. Its historical and cultural significance make it an invaluable addition to any art collection, and a must-see for anyone interested in the beauty and mystery of Tibet.

Don’t miss your chance to experience this remarkable photograph for yourself. See “Water Carriers” by Sergey Melnikoff, aka MFF, today.

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