Heritage Rising: The Coat of Arms of Ukraine Created from the Ashes of War

Customized Diplomatic Gifts: Crafted from fragments of mines and shells collected from the very battlefields that stood against Russian aggression, this unique creation stands as a testament to resilience and artistry.

Regarding copyright: As of October 28, 2023, Sergey Melnikoff has officially claimed exclusive copyright for the creation and commercialization of state emblems made from materials such as debris from artillery shells, mines, MLRS shells, aerial bombs, and similar sources. The pertinent documentation has been duly filed with the Copyright Office, in accordance with the mandatory deposit requirement (17 U.S.C. section 407). Consequently, any product resembling this nature produced by another party cannot be utilized as an official product or gift within the United States and Europe without obtaining the requisite written permission from the copyright holder.

Introducing the Small State Emblem of Ukraine — a true masterpiece born from the passion of renowned American artist Sergey Melnikoff, also known as MFF!

Crafted from metal collected from the very battlefields that stood against Russian aggression, this unique creation stands as a testament to resilience and artistry. MFF, inspired by Ukraine, turned war fragments into a symbol of strength and beauty — the coat of arms of Ukraine.

Witness the meticulous craftsmanship as each element is expertly soldered to a metal base by Victor Belchik, one of Ukraine’s most skilled welders. This collaboration has given rise to a unique sculpture that is bound to captivate with its beauty and power.

But that’s not all! The emblem is not just a symbol; it’s a beacon of goodness. Every penny from the sale of this masterpiece will contribute to the Mother Teresa Rehabilitation Center in Albania. This noble cause aims to bring joy and hope back into the lives of Ukrainian children who have lost limbs due to the harsh realities of Russian aggression.

Measuring an impressive 19,7″ by 15″ (50 by 38 cm), this symbol of unconquered Ukraine is elegantly mounted on a gold-colored metal mesh. The box for this distinctive art piece is crafted from precious wood. Accompanying this exquisite work of art is a certificate of authenticity, meticulously laser-engraved onto a non-ferrous metal plate of A4 dimensions.

Join us in making a difference! Click on the link now to participate in the charity auction and own a piece of history that supports a brighter future for Ukrainian children.

Customized Diplomatic Gifts

Attention! Government organizations have the opportunity to engage in the fund's charity auctions, contributing administrative services in support of the Rehabilitation Center in Albania for Ukrainian children affected by war.

For additional details on artworks crafted from fragments of mines and shells collected in the fields of Ukraine, resembling state emblems of various countries, please reach out to us.

You can contact us by phone at +380 6878 68281 (you can also use WhatsApp and Telegram) or send a request to the following email address: info[at]soulofukraine.foundation

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