Customized Diplomatic Gifts: The Coat of Arms of Ukraine Created from the Ashes of War

Estimate USD

35,000 — 50,000

Introducing the Small State Emblem of Ukraine — a true masterpiece born from the passion of renowned American artist Sergey Melnikoff, a.k.a. MFF!

Crafted from metal collected from the very battlefields that stood against Russian aggression, this unique creation stands as a testament to resilience and artistry. MFF, inspired by Ukraine, turned war fragments into a symbol of strength and beauty — the coat of arms of Ukraine.

Measuring an impressive 19,7″ by 15″ (50 by 38 cm), this symbol of unconquered Ukraine is elegantly mounted on a gold-colored metal mesh. The box for this distinctive art piece is crafted from precious wood. Accompanying this exquisite work of art is a certificate of authenticity, meticulously laser-engraved onto a non-ferrous metal plate of A4 dimensions.

Attention! Government organizations have the opportunity to engage in the fund’s charity auctions, contributing administrative services in support of the Rehabilitation Center in Albania for Ukrainian children affected by war.

Here, you can explore the illustrations and delve into the comprehensive description of this bespoke high-level diplomatic gift. Discover the intricate details and thoughtful design that make this gift a symbol of diplomatic excellence.

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