Item #70 | Youth by Fatima Umaeva

  • Unique Artwork for a Worthy Cause: “Youth” by Fatima Umaeva, Age 10
  • Dimensions: 19,7″ x 27,6″ (50 х 70 cm)
  • Medium: Applique, Acrylic on Rag Cotton Colored Drawing Paper
  • Created: 2023 in Kyiv City, Ukraine
  • Special Gift: Personalized Good Samaritan Wall Plaque
  • Shipping: Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Support a Worthy Cause: By purchasing this beautiful drawing, you are directly supporting the Mother Teresa International Rehabilitation Center. Your contribution aids Ukrainian children impacted by the ongoing military actions of the Russian army. Thank you for your generosity and compassion!



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Unique Artwork for a Worthy Cause: “Youth” by Fatima Umaeva

The drawing by Fatima Umaeva from Kyiv depicts two youths, a girl and a boy, in a simple and relatable manner. However, there is a poignant undertone to the piece, as the artist highlights the harsh realities of war that take boys away from girls like them. Despite this, the artwork also features a powerful symbol of hope and resilience, embodied by a ten-year-old girl who represents the future of Ukraine. Overall, the piece is a thought-provoking reflection on the impact of conflict on youth, as well as a testament to the enduring spirit of the Ukrainian people.

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