Lot #64 | Non Finito #1

Non Finito #1 by a Group of Children Under 10 Years of Age
2022. Kharkiv City, Ukraine

  • 34,2″x24″ (87×61 cm) Gouache, Cotton Drawing Paper
  • This artwork comes with an Honorary Plaque
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Lot Essay

In the city of Kharkiv, there is a children’s art studio named Maringaiz. The children who attended the studio were creative and enthusiastic, and they loved to draw all sorts of things. One day, they decided to work on a collective drawing that would showcase their skills and imaginations.

The children drew beautiful butterflies and cute forest hares on four sides of a large sheet of paper. They worked together and shared ideas, creating a masterpiece that would make any adult proud. However, as they were working, an air raid alert sounded, and the children were quickly evacuated to a bomb shelter.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have time to finish their drawing, and when they returned to the studio, they found that it had been damaged by an airwave caused by a nearby Russian missile explosion. The children were sad to see their studio in ruins, but they were relieved that they were safe.

The collective drawing that the children had worked so hard on was left unfinished. They had wanted to add black rockets and explosions, but they never got the chance. There were also a few hares that they didn’t have time to finish. Despite this, the children were still proud of their work, and they decided to name it “Non Finito #1.”

Years later, the children who had attended the Maringaiz art studio would look back on that day with a mixture of sadness and pride. They would remember how they had come together to create something beautiful, and how they had survived a frightening experience together. “Non Finito #1” would remain a symbol of their creativity, resilience, and friendship.

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