Lot #251 | Weeping Ukraine by Kseniia Holotsvan

15 Years Old
2023. Dnipro City, Ukraine

● 13,6”х19,7” (34,5х50 cm) Acrylic, Cotton Drawing Paper
● This Artwork Comes With a Wall Plaque of the Good Samaritan
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MT REHABMake a donation, take part in the auction, or spread the word about this event to aid in our efforts to build a better future for Ukrainian children who have been greatly affected by the devastating collapse of houses. For additional details and to contribute towards the development of the remarkable Mother Terese Rehabilitation Center, please visit their website. Together, we have the power to create a significant and enduring change!

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Lot Essay

“Even before the start of the hostilities, my eldest daughter, my husband, and I had the same dream: we were being attacked by zombies,” recalls Anna. “In my daughter Kseniia’s drawing, all the women of Ukraine are depicted, symbolizing the suffering of our country.”

Anna found herself in the midst of a large-scale war in the ninth month of her pregnancy: without medication, without food, and without hot water, in the occupied Chernihiv region of Ukraine by Russian forces. And this is just one of the millions of memories from the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

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