Item #237 | God Stop The War by Ilona Kavun

  • Unique Artwork for a Worthy Cause: “God Stop The War” by Ilona Kavun, Age 14
  • Dimensions: 23,6″ x 16,5″ (60 х 42 cm)
  • Medium: Gouache on Cotton Drawing Paper
  • Created: 2022 in Poltava City, Ukraine
  • Special Gift: Personalized Good Samaritan Wall Plaque
  • Shipping: Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Support a Worthy Cause: By purchasing this beautiful drawing, you are directly supporting the Mother Teresa International Rehabilitation Center. Your contribution aids Ukrainian children impacted by the ongoing military actions of the Russian army. Thank you for your generosity and compassion!



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Unique Artwork for a Worthy Cause: “God Stop The War” by Ilona Kavun

The devastating effects of war are often talked about in terms of numbers and statistics, but it’s the individual stories that truly bring the human toll of conflict into focus. The collection of children’s drawings featured in our auction is a powerful testament to the impact of war on innocent lives, as well as the resilience and creativity of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable adversity.
These drawings, created by Ukrainian children caught in the crossfire of a brutal conflict, are a heartbreaking reflection of the violence and destruction that have engulfed their homes and communities. The images of bombs and rockets raining down on their heads, of cities wiped off the face of the earth, and of children left maimed or killed by the fighting, are a vivid reminder of the horror of war.
Yet, amidst the devastation and despair, there is also hope and humanity. The drawings by the children of Kharkiv, created in the safety of underground metro stations as their city was bombed above ground, are a powerful testament to the human spirit’s ability to persevere in the face of adversity. These children, sheltered by their parents and supported by volunteers and art teachers, found solace and distraction in their art, and were able to create something beautiful amidst the chaos and destruction of war.
The fact that these drawings are being sold to support a rehabilitation center for disabled Ukrainian children is a testament to the power of art and charity to make a difference in the world. By purchasing one of these drawings, individuals can make a tangible contribution to the mental healing of those affected by war.
Finally, the Soul of Ukraine, an International Charitable Foundation, highlights the importance of compassion and humanity in the face of tragedy. It is only by coming together and supporting one another that we can overcome the challenges of war and work towards a more peaceful and just world.

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