Lot #201 | My Ukraine by Martha Firman

2023. Kopychyntsi City, Ternopil Region, Ukraine

11,8″x16,3″ (30×41,5 cm) Liner, Cotton Drawing Paper
● This Artwork Comes With a Wall Plaque of the Good Samaritan
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MT REHABMake a donation, take part in the auction, or spread the word about this event to aid in our efforts to build a better future for Ukrainian children who have been greatly affected by the devastating collapse of houses. For additional details and to contribute towards the development of the remarkable Mother Terese Rehabilitation Center, please visit their website. Together, we have the power to create a significant and enduring change!


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Lot Essay

The art world is full of surprises, and one of them is the emergence of new and talented artists who are making their mark in the industry. Marta Firman is one such artist who has captured the attention of art enthusiasts with her stunning artwork. At just 17 years old, Firman is already making waves with her beautiful graphics, and her work is an adornment of a charity auction.

Firman hails from the small provincial Ukrainian town of Kopychyntsi, and her art reflects her heritage and culture. Her classic female portrait in national dress in strict black and white is a testament to her talent and creativity. The portrait is painted with a liner, which gives it a unique and striking look that is sure to capture the attention of anyone who sees it.

Firman’s art is not just beautiful, but it also tells a story. Her portrait of a classic female in national dress is a tribute to the rich culture and history of Ukraine. It showcases the traditional dress worn by women in Ukraine, which has been passed down through generations. The strict black and white color scheme adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the portrait, making it a true masterpiece.

The fact that Firman’s artwork is an adornment of a charity auction is a testament to her talent and the impact that her art has on people. Art has always been a powerful medium for raising awareness and funds for charitable causes, and Firman’s artwork is no exception. By donating her artwork to a charity auction, Firman is not only giving back to her community but also using her talent to make a positive difference in the world.

Marta Firman is a rising star in the art world, and we can’t wait to see what she creates next.

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