Lot #198 | The Birth Of The World by Khrystyna Val’ko

Size 31,5″x21,3″ (80×54 cm)
This work of art was created in electronic form and is offered in acrylic plasticization print. Acrilyc thickness 5 mm.
2023. Lviv, Ukraine
Ready to Hang / Ship in Crate

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Lot Essay

Khrystyna Val’ko is a multi-talented artist, whose works span from canvas painting to restoration, book illustration, and even electronic painting. Her expertise in the art of restoration is evident in her work as a lecturer in the Restoration Department at the Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Arts named after I. Trush. However, her passion for art goes beyond restoration, and her work as a certified art therapy specialist is a testament to this. Her ability to connect with children and disabled children through the art of therapy highlights her sensitivity and compassion as an artist.

Khrystyna’s work as a co-founder and director of the socio-cultural festival “Znesinnya Fest” is further evidence of her dedication to promoting art and culture. Her ability to curate exhibitions and charitable auctions not only highlights her talent as an artist but also showcases her commitment to giving back to society.

One of Khrystyna’s most significant works is the electronic painting “The Birth of the World,” which echoes Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam.” The painting’s powerful imagery depicts the human hands’ reaching gesture, symbolizing the call of vital forces. However, instead of God, the painting depicts the belly of a pregnant woman with a human fetus inside, representing the power of life. The work’s digital format is a reflection of the digital age, showcasing Khrystyna’s versatility as an artist.

The fact that “The Birth of the World” was offered as a lot at a charity auction for Ukrainian disabled children affected by Russia’s war highlights Khrystyna’s dedication to giving back to society. Her work as a certified art therapy specialist and her commitment to charitable causes make her a truly remarkable artist.

In conclusion, Khrystyna Val’ko is a talented artist, skilled restorer, compassionate art therapy specialist, and dedicated promoter of art and culture. Her work is not only beautiful but also meaningful, reflecting her sensitivity and compassion for society’s most vulnerable members.

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