Lot #195 | Agony by Alexandra Tsiba

2023. Brovary City, Kyiv Region,Ukraine

11,6″x16,5″ (29,5×42 cm) Watercolor, Gouache, Cotton Drawing Paper
● This Artwork Comes With a Wall Plaque of the Good Samaritan
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Agony, a striking piece by Alexandra Tsiba, is a stunning example of the power of visual art to convey emotion. This work depicts a young woman with large angel wings, wearing a tattered dress that emphasizes the tragedy of the moment. Her curved figure and loose hair add to the sense of despair and anguish. It is possible that the artist intended to depict the moment when the woman received news of the death of her loved one. The small angel wings that cover her eyes suggest that she may be in a state of shock or disbelief.

The placement of the figure on a black background is a powerful choice, as it emphasizes the isolation and despair of the moment. The use of a classic Ukrainian ornament of large red flowers provides a stark contrast to the figure, drawing the viewer’s attention to her suffering. This contrast adds to the emotional impact of the work, as it highlights the stark contrast between beauty and pain.

All of these artistic techniques combine to make Agony a deeply touching and undoubtedly highly artistic work. Tsiba’s use of color, composition, and symbolism all work together to create a sense of sorrow and loss. The image of the young woman with angel wings is a particularly poignant one, as it suggests that she is either experiencing the pain of losing someone she loves or is herself in a state of transition.

Overall, Agony is a remarkable work of art that captures the viewer’s attention and emotions. Tsiba’s skillful use of imagery and symbolism makes this work stand out, and it is sure to be a favorite among art lovers and enthusiasts for years to come. Whether viewed in person or online, this work is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who see it.

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