Lot #148 | Dream Road by Iryna Olisieienko

35,4″x15,7″ (90×40 cm) Oil, Gold Potal, Art Canvas
2021. The city of Vyshhorod, Ukraine

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Lot Essay

There are author’s poems on the reverse side of the picture.

When the cloud comes,
The wind will blow it away…
And when it rains,
It will be covered with an umbrella…

The enemy will stop
And a rainbow will appear for us!!!
The guardian angel
Will stop the enemy!!!

It will protect the people, save the soldiers
The time of peace and tranquility will return!!!
The smiles will return to the children’s faces…
Peace will reign in our Ukraine!!!

Peace will come
To the far-off lands and forests,
Greenery will spread,
Dew will cover the grass!!!

The birds will come back,
The animals will return,
People in Ukraine will start anew

The rain will wash away all the blood
Of the enemy from the land,
Those who caused it
Will lay down their bodies for their sins!!!

The angels will lift up
The souls of those who fell,
They will rise to heaven
The stairs from the Earth!

Pure and light
Their souls will go into the world,
Because they saved their country
For the children.

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