The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune

The charitable foundation “The Soul of Ukraine Foundation, Inc.” proudly presents a remarkable creation by the renowned American artist MFF, titled “The Wheel of Fortune,” set to take center stage at an upcoming charity auction in October.

This captivating art installation is crafted using materials gathered from the battlefields where conflict with Russian aggressors has left its mark. At its core lies the poignant centerpiece—an authentic Russian infantryman’s helmet, pierced by a bullet. Nestled within the ammunition belt encircling the helmet, close to the bullet’s entry point, you’ll discover a single bullet cast in gold.

The helmet finds its perch atop shell casings from an anti-aircraft machine gun, meticulously arranged in a circular formation upon the toothed wheel of a Russian military tracked armored personnel carrier. Another toothed wheel, severed in two, extends gracefully over the helmet of the Russian soldier, forming an arch. Adorning the apex of this arch are two horseshoes, one of which will undergo gilding using the galvanic method.

On either side of the wheel, you’ll find four inscriptions: “Regnabo. Regno. Regnavi. Sum Sine Regno.” Translated, these phrases convey the journey of power, from “I shall reign” to “I reign,” “I reigned,” and ultimately to “I am now without a kingdom.”

This installation serves as a potent symbol of military fortune, where life or death hinges on the capricious trajectory of a bullet, guided by the hand of ancient Roman Fortuna. To the Romans, she was the goddess who held absolute sway over the destinies of individuals and entire nations alike.

Mark your calendars for the auction event scheduled for this October, which will be broadcast live on Ukrainian National News Agency. The proceeds garnered from this auction will be wholeheartedly devoted to the International Rehabilitation Center of Mother Teresa in Albania, offering support to Ukrainian children who have been left with disabilities as a tragic consequence of Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine.

We invite you to stay tuned for further updates and details.

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