Heavenly Warriors by Viktoriya Zhuravel

14 Years Old
2023. Kopychyntsi City, Ternopil Region, Ukraine

● 16,3″x11,8″ (41,5×30 cm) A Reproduction Printed On Premium Art Canvas
● Additionally, We Offer To Our Generous Donors A Good Samaritan Wall Plaque
● See the Untampered Original Piece Showcased At the Auction
● Free Worldwide Shipping


Your compassionate support will make a difference in the lives of Ukrainian children adversely affected by the impact of collapsed houses caused by Russian missiles and bombs. The proceeds from this auction will contribute to the enhancement of our children’s rehabilitation center, providing them with the care they deserve.



“Heavenly Warriors” by Viktoriya Zhuravel is a drawing created by a 14-year-old child who witnessed the war in Ukraine. The artwork depicts a ruined wall of a house, schematically drawn black birds flying in a flock from the rubble, open graves located next to a children’s playground, and a grill standing on the street with something cooking in pots. Two military fighter planes can be seen in the sky, and the painting emphasizes that there is not a single person present in the picture. The only significant object in the artwork is a wide staircase leading to the planes, and two souls of Ukrainian warriors ascending the stairs towards the sky of immortality.

The philosophy and vision of evil, war, and peace depicted in this drawing are stunning. The simplicity of the execution technique conveys the pain and sadness of the artist’s personal experience with the tragedy of losing loved ones. It is for this reason that the estimate for “Heavenly Warriors” was valued at $10,000 at a charity auction for the “Soul of Ukraine” fund.

The drawing reflects the impact of war on the innocent, the destruction it causes, and the hope for peace and the eternal rest of those who have fallen. The absence of people in the painting emphasizes the idea that war affects everyone, and the consequences extend beyond just the individuals directly involved in the conflict.

The artwork’s title, “Heavenly Warriors,” suggests that the Ukrainian soldiers depicted in the artwork have transcended their mortal existence and have become immortalized in heaven. This idea provides hope that despite the devastation caused by war, there is still a possibility of redemption and a brighter future.

In conclusion, “Heavenly Warriors” is a powerful piece of art that highlights the devastating impact of war and the importance of peace. The artist’s personal experience and emotional connection to the subject matter are evident in the artwork’s simplicity and depth. The artwork serves as a reminder that the consequences of war affect everyone and that there is always hope for redemption and a better future.

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