Lot #107. Reproduction | Ukrainian Flag Above The Lviv High Castle by Ostap Pyrch

9 Years Old
2022. Lviv, Ukraine

19,7″x19,7″ (50×50 cm) A Reproduction Printed On Premium Art Canvas
● Additionally, We Offer To Our Generous Donors A Good Samaritan Wall Plaque
● See the Untampered Original Piece Showcased At the Auction
● Free Worldwide Shipping


Your compassionate support will make a difference in the lives of Ukrainian children adversely affected by the impact of collapsed houses caused by Russian missiles and bombs. The proceeds from this auction will contribute to the enhancement of our children’s rehabilitation center, providing them with the care they deserve.



Looking for inspiration to uplift your spirit and remind you of the resilient spirit of the Ukrainian people? Look no further than the stunning painting by 9-year-old Ostap Pyrch titled “Ukrainian Flag Above The Lviv High Castle.”

With a powerful message that defies all hardships, the young artist has captured the essence of the Ukrainian spirit in this beautiful masterpiece. The yellow and blue flag of Ukraine, waving proudly over the historic Lviv High Castle, is a symbol of freedom and resilience that will inspire all who see it.

The Lviv High Castle is a testament to the rich history of the city of Lviv. It has been a mainstay of the city’s defense since the 13th century and remains an important landmark today. Although it stands in ruins, the castle continues to serve as a symbol of the city’s strength and endurance.

Ostap Pyrch’s painting captures the beauty and majesty of the Lviv High Castle and reminds us that, despite the challenges we face, the Ukrainian people will always stand tall and proud. With its vibrant colors and striking imagery, this painting is sure to inspire all who see it.

So, whether you are a lover of art, a student of history, or simply seeking inspiration, the painting “Ukrainian Flag Above The Lviv High Castle” is a must-see. It is a powerful reminder that the Ukrainian spirit is unbreakable, and the yellow-blue flag will always wave proudly over a free city.

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